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European Online Job Day, Work In Berlin - Jobs in the Booming Online Industry, 28 febbraio


Venerdì 28 febbraio 2020 dalle ore 11:00 alle 16:00 UTC

"Work in Berlin" è una fiera on line che vuole mettere in contatto le persone in cerca di lavoro provenienti dall'UE con i datori di lavoro della capitale tedesca.

Sei interessato/a? Registrati subito!

Puoi registrarti on line prima dell'evento, controllare la lista dei datori di lavoro registrati e candidarti per le posizioni vacanti: in questo modo potrai fare uno o più colloqui di lavoro on line il giorno dell'evento.

Il 28 febbraio potrai anche seguire on line le presentazioni sulla vita e le condizioni di lavoro a Berlino, e su altre informazioni che ti possono essere molto utili se cerchi un'occupazione in questa città.



"Work in Berlin" aims to put jobseekers from all EU/EEA countries in touch with employers from Germany´s capital. These companies are looking for motivated, high-qualified staff with working skills in for online industry.

Interested? Register today:

As a jobseeker, you can register online prior to the event, browse through registered employers and apply for vacant positions. After that, you will receive one or more online interviews on the day of the event.

On 28 February, you may also follow the live stream presentations about working and living in Berlin receive information about the incoming process to Germany find out which opportunities are available in Berlin’s labour market If you are an employer, the event will be an ideal opportunity for you to promote your recruitment needs throughout Europe and meet a wide range of jobseekers with different language skills, qualifications and experience.

We look forward to welcoming you on 28 February 2020!


This is an online event where you will be able to search and apply for jobs that match your profile, make contact with employers and book one or more job interviews during the event.
In order to apply for vacant positions you will need to register your account as a jobseeker prior to the event itself.


This will be a fantastic opportunity to promote your job vacancies to exceptional talent across Europe. Taking part in the #WorkinBerlin event means that your company has the chance to register an exhibitor account, manage job advertisements and conduct private on-line chats with candidates on the day itself. Thanks to your participation you’ll be able to contact a wide range of job seekers with various language competencies and qualifications, allowing you to find the workers you’re looking for.